Captain Skeeter has taken my son and I out on a couple of awesome fishing trips on Lake Okeechobee and other areas and all I can say is that this man knows his stuff! His knowledge and experience is second to none. He is a true southern gentleman and knows how to treat people right in every way. I would highly recommend this outfitter. You will have an amazing trip!

Justin Kelefas

Had a great time hunting with Skeeter this morning!

Trae Clark

I had a great time , I definitely recommend this to all my Polk county , Hillsborough county pals worth the wonderful drive!

Jonnalynn Street

I loved it…. super accommodating, very genuine, gorgeous property, southern hospitality at it’s finest!

Randy Love

I went to Okeechobee for a work trip where Charles was our guide. We stayed in his lodge, hunted his land, and ran the air boat out on lake O. I work in the hunting/fishing industry and can proudly say that South Florida Fishing & Hunting Outfitters are the most professional and the most productive group of outfitters I’ve ever worked with. Charles, his father, and Boone are absolutely legendary woodsmen. If you’re planning on hunting, fishing, or boating the North end of the lake, look no further than these good ol’ boys right here.

Noah Robert

Never hunted Lake Okeechobee until this past year an I gotta say they’ve got it going on…from ducks to hogs…if you’ve never hunted with this guy I highly recommend checking him out..can’t wait for this upcoming year to get back down there an whack and stack some more duck.

Johnathon S.

Great time hunting for ducks. Captain Skeeter will do everything to make sure that you have a great time.

Drin Mita

The most fun I’ve had in years!

Tom Ortega

I don’t go out hunting and fishing with high expectations, because it doesn’t always go as planned. I set out with Captain Skeeter just thinking it’ll be nice to get out on the marsh. I had one of the best hunting trips of my life. I’m convinced that even if the birds didn’t show up, I wouldn’t have been disappointed. It was a great experience, and a fun day! Skeeter is very serious about hunting, and your safety but at the same time he makes it fun and easy. If your trip is anything like mine, you’ll be happy you went. Make some memories!

Gary Anderson

Very experienced with the area. Well worth the money!!

Melanie Flaherty

Fantastic hunt from beginning to end. We hunted a great ranch with too many opportunities to count for harvesting large boar. Skeeter’s many years as a guide showed in his skill to set up the best shot and animal. This is the guy you want to hunt with. I will definitely be hunting with him again.

James Ebert

I have gone out with Skeeter hog hunting and bowfishing. All I can say is GREAT time and experience. He is a must visit when ever in Florida. Nice to have someone you can call and is always ready to go out to the lake for bass and tilapia or a night hog hunt.

Ken McKillop

After a ton of research and calling every guide North of Miami, I decided to use Skeeter for our trip. This was our first hog hunt and Skeeter was very professional and accommodating. My son and I were both able to take hogs! Thank you Skeeter for providing us with a memorable father-son trip we will never forget. Months later we are starting to run low on hog meat so you should be hearing from is again soon!
Omi Ramirez

Enjoyed every minute of our experience in south Florida with Skeeter. He was very knowledgeable about the lake and put us on birds everyday we were there. Not to mention the night time festivities where we stacked up on frogs and got into the tilapia. Nice place to stay right on the canal and nice people! My boys and I will be back every year!

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Clint RowlandRegular Client

Skeeter did a awesome job. He put me on the fish and we got the job done. Not only was the fishing good but he was one heck of a good guide and made sure every part of the fishing trip was a good time. From the beginning to the end was an experience. I highly recommend him and will be going again in the months to come!

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Caleb Gulickour regular customer

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